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RealUGuru Members Main Page

This is the main portal of membership content:

Lew Crew 100 Seeds
RealUGuru Bronze
RealUGuru Silver
RealUGuru Gold
RealUGuru Platinum

*A member must complete all coursework for each level before upgrading to the next membership level

Each subscription package comes with the related downloadable eBooks & on-demand videos for a set number of lessons and tracked. When the lesson is completed, they’ll receive the next lesson eBook and related until the entire course is done. When finished, the subscriber is offered the “next level” on a subscription basis.

The online starter courses are sold at a one-time flat rate. Example: $197

  • Content is restricted to membership level
  • Higher levels can always access content to lower levels
  • General content like blog posts are accessible to all members
  • Lew Crew 100 Seeds start at bronze; Upgrades are paid
  • A free 7 day trials to Bronze Membership may be offered as promotions

Membership Account Maintenance
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